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Hi everyone I am 24 years of age I have been having abdominal pain for about a year had all the test done and they said I am perfectly healthy I had under gone an ultrasound in September 2013 and they said I had small cyst on my left ovaries I went back on December and the cyst had gone but I still have all the pains anyone have any idea what this could be.



where exactly on your abdomen is the pain located? Is it on one side only? The problem with ovarian cysts is that in majority of cases they disappear on their own, and since they usually don't cause too many symptoms, chances are that the cyst isn't responsible for the abdominal pain you're feeling. That was what your doctor was thinking after he say that cyst is gone in December.

You say you did all the tests done, but since the pain is still there and the ovarian cyst wasn't the cause of it, you'll most likely have to have those tests re-done. Besides the abdominal pain, do you experience any other symptoms like painful or prolonged periods, pressure on your bladder or problems with digestion?