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I am having lower abdominal pain immediately after my last menstrual period and lasted more than 2 weeks, i was worried  and rushed to the doctor had the trasvaginal ultrasound and came to know there is a small follicle abt 2cm/mm (not sure) and its very normal. I was supposed to get my period the next week and i didnt get that instead 2 days after the trans-us i started to hav severe backpain and spotting. I tested -ve pregnancy  and asked ctr to do a blood preg test and it came +ve (161 HCG) . 5 days after i missed the period i tested +ve :) UT but then i was more worried if its ectopic. I went to the dctr and he said as it will be too early to do a Ultrasound and took another blood test and it has luckily doubled (infact more than that) but dctr said he can only confirm 100% after doing a ultrasound. I went again and i finally found the sac in the u/s the fetal was too small to be seen in the ultrasound as it was too early for me and no cysts on both the ovaries... 

After 4 weeks of sleep less nights and depression i am happy to hear that every thing is good
I still have the back ache and abdominal pain on both left and right side now still hoping its ok
FYI - for all the ladies who are going through the same phase..keep your figures crossed and happy baby dust :)


Fingers are crossed for you.  the cramping and pain can be a good thing.  Keep up the positive thoughts and keep asking for blood tests if it helps get answers on levels doubling again before the ultrasound.