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Hi.. all of you. I am new in this forum. First let me describe my physical condition I am 22 years old  male( Height 5ft 3", weight 54Kg), I  have constipation problem for 3-4 years, for this I have two chronic diseases allergy , piles. My life style for 3-4 years is also not so good I used to wake at night to 4-5 A.M, and also I used to miss my break first. So for all of the goods reason I get piles two years ago, it was on-off time to time, some time it increases some times it decrease. I had both external and internal piles. In recent months it's gets worse (Doters said it was Grade 3-4 hemorrhoids) . So I did stapled haemorrhoidectomy surgery a  months ago(15th Oct, 2012). I thought my problem will be over, I started taking fiber diet, and doing exercise. But the very next day after surgery I started to experienced different kind of complication like irregular bowl movement(I had to go 3-4 times in toilet in the morning),fecal urgency, Gas forming, had to pressure hard, to pass stool, and others digestive problem. But the main  problem is... after 1 month of surgery still there is bleeding in the time of stool passing. And also my external hemorrhoids is still remain.Please suggest what should I do, I am very much worried. Sorry for poor English.


I had the staples done and bled for a year with terrible pain.