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I am 1 week post op today from internal hemorrhoidectomy. My pain has been severe, which I take freq tub baths, but the pain overall is showing some improvement. But, I have now developed a clear yellowish reddish drainage? Is this normal and how long does this last. My other question is that I have so much feeling of pressure and fullness in my anal area. I know the area is still quite swollen. I am taking fiber in at least 25g daily. My stools appear soft, but they don't feel it, and the bm's are very painful. I just want to know if this is normal what I am feelling, and what is the average recovery time most face until they feel normal. I am feeling this was a bad mistake. I also feel like I cannot completely evacuate my bowels. thanks so much!!


The pain and swelling will still be there for two or
three more weeks, along with the fullness and discomfort
in the anal area, but it will subside eventually.

I had the stapled (PPH) method, but that was a mistake.
The staple managed to grab two of the smaller hemorrhoids,
but not the third one as it was too big and confluential, i.e.
not really a berry-like lump, but circular and distended around
much of the circumference of the anus. The PPH device
cannot grab and pull up this kind of big hemorrhoids.

So the surgeon used diathermy (or cautery) to burn out this
big one. This was what caused the extreme pain later. If I had
gone to another surgeon and selected the harmonic scalpel
for the whole procedure, the pain would have been much
lesser, as well as none of the complications later.

The pain was intense for the first night, then lesser
but still there for the first one or two weeks. I thought
I was going to have a bowel movement the next day,
but when I sat on the bowl, all that came out was clotted
blood. The whole bowl was red.

I was discharged after two days. I didn't realize the diathermy
excision of the third pile had cost me that much blood, and
weakened my immune system. After two more days, I had a
high fever and had to be admitted into another hospital. The
test showed my HgB had dropped from the minimum 13 to 11.

What followed was worse than yours. I think the staples tend
to grab onto the anal muscles, narrowing it, weaking the
muscles and causing spasms. I kept passing out a lot of gas
and had to wear a lady's sanitary pad - the staples caused
bowel incontinence ! I kept running to the toilet 5 or 6 times
a day for almost the first month, but that wasn't enough. The
pad barely kept out the fecal matter. And in the toilet, the
stools I passed out were just about 1 cm thick, very long
and pitch black. The bowel movements were not painful,
but uncomfortable.

The discomfort and fullness in the anal area was quite
difficult for the first one month. Things finally subsided
towards the second month. When I thought I was finally
recovering, I had two episodes of fecal impaction in the
second to third month ! I has to dig it out with my fingers.
I think the staples weaken the anal muscles, and caused
stenosis (narrowing) of the anal cavity. This finally improved
and the anal cavity enlarged after about 6 months, but I know
it's not as wide as before, even though the surgeon said
it looks good.

Well, there is now a recurrence of one or two external
hemorrhoids and it's just three years. I'll make sure I'll
select the harmonic scalpel, the laser, or the Ligasure
device this time.