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my husband had a discectomy and a laminectony done within 24 hours of each in his neck at the end of jan 07 and he his still not fully recovered. he has sever pain in his head that he never had before surgery. the surgeon discussed about removing the plate or killing the nerve in his head with a shot? has anyone been through these experiences? also after he came home from surgery i had to rush him back because he was very sick he ended uo having the infection c. diff and almost died. the dodctor explains this is one of the reasons his recovery has been slower. he also has spinal stenosis and it has gotten worse, more surgery he does not want to have!!!


I am so sorry,I too had the same thing after a Lumbar Discetomy in a Hospital.2 days after I had the runs and wouldnt stop.I emailed the Surgeon with No Response,my Wife rushed me to the ER where they diagnosed via Stool Sample C Diff Infection.After 12 days of being on Antibotics New Pain has arrived even worse than the pain before.I know I have Discitus and had an MRI but the Radiologist states it could be the Contrast I was givenas there is No L4 disc left!Im 6 Months post surgery and need to see a Infectious Disease Doctor.Best Ken