Im 15 years old, and on saturday my boyfriend and me had sex. the condom was intact but a few minutes later, it broke, we knew because he could tell it felt considerably better. we saw that it was broken, but he didnt come, he never comes when we have sex, cuz it makes things less riskier for pregnancy. about 30 minutes after he left, i took a shower, very hot shower, and this may sound weird but i hear that lots of heat kills sperm, which is why the testicles are outside of the body. so i took a turkey baster and filled it will really really hot water and put it in my vag., to try and flush out any sperm, stupid i know. my period is supposed to happen sometime this week, but my boyfriend and i are kinda still worried. we did some research, and learned that there is little to no sperm in pre-cum, and if there is its usually immobile, also tht if the guy urinated prior to that, the urine kills the sperm, but he didnt urinate before  this. i am unable to get the morning after pill here. and i kinda want to know my chances of pregnancy here. any help would be nice. thank you.