So yesterday my boyfriend and I were having sex. We used a condom, and I ended up finishing before him. I began to become dry (Sorry tmi), so when we kept going it was harder for him to get in me when it wouls slip out. At one point it came out, and he went to put it back in and thats when we both heard a loud plastic sounding tear. He pulled out imedietly. He said he thought it broke and turned on the light to check, then realized it didn't. So then he put it back in and we kept going. It was probably about 3 to 5 minutes (I dont really remember) that we kept going, and he was about to cum, but said something told him to pull out and check again just in case, and it turns out it did break, but under his penis, so we he and i didnt really notice it. What are the possiblities of me being pregnant ? And do guys precum right before they cum? helppp!