PLEASE HELP!! so i took birth control for three days now (my first package ever) and i had to wait a week before having sex but i didn’t. today, me and my boyfriend were having sex (with a condom) but it ripped. he didn’t cum but there was some precum, the entire tip part of the condom was broken. is there a big chance i’ll be pregnant? on 12/27 i has unprotected sex , but it was only about ten strokes and my boyfriend wiped off the precum before sticking it in. the next day 12/28 i took my first birth control ever, and proceeded to have unprotected sex the next day (12/29) with the same tactic of wiping his precum off multiple times whenever he pulled out. my last day of my period was officially 12/25 with some spotting until 12/27. today, 12/31 i had sex but the condom broke halfway with precum but he didn’t come. i took three birth control pills before today. will i have a high chance of pregnancy? if so, just to be in case, where can i get abortion pills if i’m under 18?