I have searched & searched to try to find an answer to this & I cant !!

I have had children already & I am trying again. I can tell when my cervix
is properly open & it did so 2 days before surge & 3/4 days before
ovulation. It then closed within 2 days of ovulation.
I ovulated on day 16 closed by day 18 & was open again 2/3 days
later.. My cervix does open a week at least before AF even tho I have
read its not supposed to until just before AF but I guess maybe its because
I have had a few children..

What I am asking is... does the fact that it has opened again mean that
I am def not pregnant this mth as its doing the normal, opening a
week + before AF ... OR because its not even had time to my body
to have not even started implanting could it still mean I am in with
a chance & it will re close once implantation has taken place ??

I hope this is the case cos if not it means I dont every even get a 2ww
to find out it I am pregnant cos it would mean my body is telling me
its not worked within 3/4 days !!

Thank you & hope I have explained myself properly