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My last menstruation was on feb 14,2017 and i had sex on feb 26 and 2nd guy is on march 4, the guy on feb 26 do the withdrawal and the guy on march 4 ejaculate inside me. Who you think the father? Please help me


Hi Anonymous,

Your LMP started on Feb 14?

If so, odds favor it being Guy 1 on Feb 26.  Timing wise you'd have been near/at your peak fertility.  The pull out method is NOT reliable either.

Normally you'd ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle (Feb 25-Mar 2).  The egg is only viable for up to about 48 hours max.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max.

The Mar 4 guy would have very late and the viability of the egg would be decreasing rapidly.  It is still possible however.

You'll need a DNA test to confirm.