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My last period was march 25 or the 26th I'm not to sure but I had unprotected sex with my ex april 2nd and them had sex with my first on April 5th but we used protection I'm pregnant and my due date is dec 30th which one is the father guys?


Hi Eboroc,

If the protection didn't fail when you had sex with your first then the ex would be the father but there is no 100% reliable form of birth control.

Timing wise it could be either. 

You had sex with the ex on day 8 of your cycle and your first on day 11.  You normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Sperm can survive about 5 days, the egg about 48 hours.

You'll need a DNA test to be definitive but odds favor the ex (again, depends on the birth control).