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I'm 25wks4days my last period was august 6th 2013 through 10th 2013...I had sex using the pull out method on the 22nd of August..he pull how and finished off using his hand when he came it was clear stuff and white stuff that came out sorry if too much information just trying to be very detailed and he came in my stomach I didn't move until he wiped everything off so wouldn't nothing drip down below...well the next day on the 23rd of August I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he cummed inside me twice that evening and again that and my boyfriend continued to have sex on the 24th,25th,and the on those days me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and we did two rounds on all three days which mean he would pull out and cummed but go right back in! My next period was due Sep.3rd 2013 it didn't come I took a pregnancy test on the 6th of sep at a clinic but it showed up negative I waited for two days then I took a home pregnancy test and it showed positive my for doctor appt was October the 9th I had my first US done Nov 18 I was measuring at 14weeks with a due date of May 16 2014... If my ovulation date was August 23rd and that's the day I had sex unprotected with my boyfriend and he cummed inside me twice!! Who likely would the bby be for the guy I had sex with on the 22nd or my boyfriend who I had sex with on the 23rd??? But anyone who can help or give advice feel free too I wanna enjoy this pregnancy but I'm so stressed out I was badly for my bby to be for my boyfriend where as I see no future with the other guy... And I must add this when I had sex on the 23rd which was my ovulation day once he pulled out the 2nd time it had some white sticky stuff on his penis which came from outta me is that a signs that I was ovulating??? Please respond ASAP


Hi MsForgiven,

Don't focus on the dates.  25 weeks 4 days ago was August 8.  Doctors base dates on your LMP.

You had sex on day 16 - and he pulled out.

You then had sex on day 17, 18, 19, and 20 with your boyfriend.

Timing wise it could be either.  Sperm can survive about 5 days.  Usually you'd ovulate between about days 11 and 16 of your cycle, or between August 17 and 23.  The egg is viable for about 48 hours after ovulation.

Ejaculating, even outside your vagina, then putting his penis back in can lead to pregnancy.  There would be semen (with sperm - not precum) in his urethra.  Just inserting the penis would force this out and into your vagina.

Odds favor it being your boyfriends but there is ALWAYS the chance it was the first guy.  The pull out method is unreliable and precum can contain sperm.

You'll need a DNA test to confirm paternity.

Good luck.  Hope it helps.