Okay, my boyfriend and I did some risky things. He rubbed his penis on my vulva for a matter of a minute, which is apparently bad because of pre-cum. He also put the tip of his penis inside me for a few seconds a few times. It's not like it was penetration and it felt dry. But still...

That was all between July 23rd and July 28th. I got my period after on the 31st, but it came early with lots of spotting the day before.

I took two cheap department store pregnancy tests and they had strange results. And I read the directions in advance! The first test I took was at 3:00 PM, before I knew I should have used morning urine. Anyway, it was blank. So I thought it was a dud, then I checked it an hour later and it had two blue lines. Except the second one was VERY faded.

Then I got really impatient and took the second one at 9:00 PM (I ate and drank quite a lot between that time) and the results came back negative. So I thought, that's good. Then just for the hell of it, I checked the trash the next day and the faded blue line was back, this time more prominent - but still barely visible.

What does that mean? Could it be an evap line?