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Hello eveyone,

I had an extended (from hip to hip) tummy tuck 8 weeks ago tomorrow.  The doctor went back into my hysterctomy cut so I would not have 2 scars. I noticed the difference the same day.  I was home from work for 5 weeks (everyone recovery time is different).  My question is I still have swelling right at the incision line but on the right side of the abdomen only and the dreaded vaginal "mound" swelling, when does that go away? Do you think I still have fluid in my tummy?

I also purchased several body compression garments.  However, one was extremely too tight and gave me a blister on my left hip.  The other abdomen garment is like my secruity blanket that I simply can not live without.  I also had lipo on my hips which is healing perfectly.  My tummy is still very numb but I have been feeling the usualy tingling and nerves jumping, I suppose saying, hello remember us, we are in repair mode now.  I am in no real pain.  I do however feel a little discomfort if I move or turn too fast, nothing to take pain meds for though.  I have dropped about 3 dress sizes since having the procedures.  But I do not feel 100% like myself.  My doctor said that it would probably be at least 4-6 months before I see my real true results from the procedures. 


ya it happen sometimes, if you are not punctual for your diet plan and regular exercises you will not achieve which you want to achieve..