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Hello. I am a 21-year old female and I spent some time lurking on this site and reading about people's experiences before I went into surgery and now I thought I'd share on my experiences and inquire on some things.

Like the title states, I'm one week post-op. I haven't started taking my thyroid medication yet.

I've experienced soreness in my throat from not being able to move my jaw mouth area (which made me lose my appetite) to only having severe discomfort from coughing, sneezing, or swallowing (learned that if you tilt your head down when you swallow, it's not as painful). I don't know if it's related, but I also had back pains, which I found to be more annoying, but it could be because I was bedridden for a whole day after surgery.

I found out that my calcium and pain meds made me dizzy and upset my stomach if I take them without eating anything. The combination of my antibiotics, pain med, and calcium pills would knock me out for a couple of hours. Today, my body feels like it's collapsing. Did anyone else experience this?

Also, I read that most people gain weight after a thyroidectomy, but I have lost about 7 pounds in the past week since I had mine removed. Could that be because my thyroid weighed that much? Haha! Is it normal to lose weight in the first week?

Today, I found out that it I have Stage I follicular cancer (they couldn't tell through biopsy, lucky I had it removed) so I will be taking temporary thyroid medication before I start radio iodine therapy. What should I expect when I start taking the pills? What types of food are you not allowed to eat before RAI and what types of food did you eat?

Well, that was my first week. It honestly was not as bad as I thought when I read about people being emotional for no reason and gaining an unbelievable amount of weight in just a short time. I'll be honest, I was usually like that before, but mainly because of my period. Aside from the fatigue, I've been doing okay otherwise. I just wish that the weight loss I've experienced could continue happening. Haha!


I am 34 and I am 1 week post total thyroid.  I went through the same things and I'll tell you waht the sore neck and back are about worse then the incesion itself.  I am now having feeling when I eat that something is stuck in my throat and it really sucks.  I dont know how to make that feeling go away but I wish someone could help.  I stoped taking my pain meds about 3 days ago (one day after I came home from hospital) cause I could not stand the feeling it gave me anymore.  Im now just taking tums and Synthriod. I feel ok today but I get dizzy after a while and feel worn out.  Any suggestions for this feeling in my throat? 




I don't know if it will help you, but after my total thyroidectomy I drank tons and tons of ice cold tea and water. The cold seemed to help take down the swelling and made it easier to talk and swallow. Also... sherbet... anything ice cold.


1 week ago I had TT as solution to my Graves diag. 3 yrs on Methemazole with a 6 mnth remission in the middle. Surgeon I had was fantastic. Voice is stonger everyday. Only real side effect was from the Hydocodone. That caused hive, rash all over face, neck and shoulders. Took Benadryl for a few days and feel much better. Started on Armour second night home,we'll see. I pray this is the only thing I will need. Energy, appatite, weight so far no problems.




I'm 15 days post-surgery (hemithyroidectomy, so far) and doing okay, although I'm still tired and finding my mood is up and down.  I have re-discovered the joy of Jell-o, and recommend it for those of you with sore throats.

I've got a lot of good information from sites such as this, but for people who are going into surgery, I wanted to add  few things no one told me ...

1.  I have a hard, visible ridge just above my incision.  It looks pretty odd, but apparently it's a deposit of collagen, and is a good thing - if you don't have it, it's an indication that healing may not progress properly.

2.  I was happily surprised by how little swelling I had immediately post-op - little did I know.  I couldn't really see how much there was until the gauze bandage came off (steri-strips underneath); my throat just kept swelling until I looked like a bullfrog.  Fortunately, it's going down now.

3.  I have had very little pain from the incision - just some stinging at first, and then a few twinges.  However, I had a brutal headache, despite pain meds, for hours and hours after the surgery.  They finally got it under control with lots of meds, lowering the lights, ice packs, and time.

4.  Sad to say, it's true that the older you are, the harder the assault of surgery is.  I'm 59, and my last surgery was an appendectomy about 20 years ago.  I really think the hemithyroidectomy is an easier operation, but I also think I bounced back more easily last time.  Be warned!

I have an appointment with my surgeon next week, and will get the results of the pathology.  The half of the thyroid they removed had a large nodule, but the remaining half has some small ones, so if the pathology shows cancer, they'll have to go back in.

Best wishes to all of you on this journey we're sharing.