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I had tummy tuck and mid facelift one week ago.  I expected to have more issues with healing from the tummy tuck, but it has been relatively smooth and textbook.  I was mislead into thinking my facelift surgery would be the easy one to heal from, and that has just not been the case.  I have what my doctor says is a "blister" on my left cheek.  The skin is scratched open around it and scabbed over.  He asked me if I have been around nicotine.  I haven't.  He has asked me to treat it with aloe vera for now, but I see no improvement in one week.  I wish I knew how to get the crusts off the back of my ears.  They are very lumpy and I can't see back there and am worried about bleeding if I pull on the crusty stuff too much.  I don't mind not being able to sleep on my side due to ear pain, because I expected that.  I didn't expect the few bumps that I have and the degree of bruising that hasn't faded much at all.  My swelling has gone down quite a bit, which is good.



I had a mid face lift back early november in Thialand. My doctor said it will take up to 6mths before healing. I had a little bruising but more swelling than anything within the first week. This subsided after a week. I had sticthes in front of the ear and some under the lobe. Fortunately i had my boyfriend with me that could see and help me wipe and clean that area with salt water. The crusts around my ear were there for a while as it was tender to touch. As i had stiching on the inside of my face, muscle to muscle they are dissolvable. You can still feel the stictches now. A coulple of stictches had pearced through my skin leaving infection. The doctor here in OZ was too scared to touch it so my boyfriend clipped the stiching off himself with small scissors and tweezers. Once that was not pretruding out the infection went.

I hope this was of help to you