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I had internal hemorrhoids banded and later the external tag excised. It's been 6 days and I've only had two BMs on the same day, no others. I don't get it. I am drowning myself in water, fiber, mirilax, baths and prunes. I am not just doing it so I have soft stools...but so I have stools. I am so confused why this is happening. I am bloated like I am months pregnant. Also, the pain is out of control, feels like there is something in my anus constantly probing with some sharp object. At this point, I regret this so much and reading on here I don't see people constipated.

I read too that laser is better for healing and resurfaces the anal area but that cutting never leaves you the way you were. Great, I get the tag off (at least I think so, I don't know since it's a mess there now looks awful), but in return I get a horrific scene. I know swelling is part of it, but is it really all of it, especially after what I read.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


Go back to the doctor immediately if you are having such troubles -- if you've not already done so. What you are describing is very serious.