After 2 vaginal births over 4 years ago, I had hemorrhoids . They went away, but between them and pushing out 2 babies, it left me with a skin tag. Trying to clean it was impossible & would get inflamed/bleed. Not to mention self conscious issues of having a squiggly piece of skin hanging out down there. Before surgery the the tag inflamed to be like a marble, with pain, & bleeding. Ugh!

I opted to have surgery done. Yesterday I went under general anesthesia. My obgyn injected lidocaine near my anus while I was under. I was slightly nauseous from anesthesia, feeling better after puking. No pain after. 12 hours later, lidocaine wore off. I can walk short distances, take shower, eat/drink. 

The sight isn't something fun to look at. It appears she cut nearly my entire perinum, sewing it back together. Small tag, & bubbles at each stitch, which I'm giving fair chance that it's just swollen. No prescribed pain killers as I'm more terrified of their constipation side effects than I am of pain. Ibuprofen & Tylenol it is. No BM yet, thank goodness. Feels like I was dropped on my rear, very soar. Incision sight stings & lightly bleeds as to be expected. Hopefully this is as worse as gets. Pain about 6/10 localized to my rear.