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I had rubber band ligature two weeks ago. I acted as my doctor told me,had soft stools without straining.But,yesterday I felt pain and when I saw what it was, I just could't believe it! It was a new one! I got a new hemorrhoid without straining! How could it be!? Is it normal and how can I cure myself when this happens without straining? :'( HELP ME,PLEASE,I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANY MORE


I just recently posted a review about a product called Hem-Relief. It seems to work for people getting rid of hemorrhoids and preventing them. There is also a product called Avatol and Venapro that people claim works. I am on day 3 of Hem-Relief for my exterior Hemorrhoids and have not had any pain and am practically normal. If it works for you, You will be pill popping these as a prevention for the rest of your life, but it sure beats having reoccurences.

Also do these things:

Take in lots of fiber daily.
Do not strain while going #2
Do not sit or stand for long periods of time.
Walk as much as possible.
Avoid weight lifting or lifting heavy object. If you have to, use your knees and don't take deep breaths while lifting.
Try not to sneeze, yawn, or hiccup while bent over with extarnal Hem's.
Try to avoid anything with peanut in it, including popcorn.
Start taking vitamins.
Drink 64oz of water daily.

From what I understand, some people have weaker veins than others. You really need to get on some med's that strengthen veins. Hem-Relief and Venapro will aid in this. Avatrol, im not sure, but with research you can find out.

My dad gets internal Hemorrhoids. He has had 6 so far and 3 of them banded off. He said his eventually go away by themselves but you might want to go in and get it banded off again. I would suggest buying one of these product and start strengthening your veins asap. Bet the banding done if that is what you want, and use the medication to prevent future occurences.

Hope this helps.