Please help me. I tried to post on here a few days ago, but I do not see any answers. I am 57 and female. I quit smoking 30 days ago and now I have severe constipation which I have never had a problem with before. I drink a ton of water I have always and still do work out every day both toning and cardio and I eat very healthy. I am desperate. I have taken a laxative which was so painful from the cramping after not having a bowel movement for almost 8 days, but since then I again have not had a bowl movement. I am scared to take it again because the cramping was horrific. I have been taking stool softeners everyday. I cannot stand this anymore. I have read several post on this site and so many people are suffering the same thing. No one seems to have an answer. Some are saying after over a year of being smoke free they are still suffering from this. Please, there has to be an answer to getting relief from this. I know the body has to adjust but my god, how long does this take? I want to die. I cry everyday over this. I do not want to smoke again. Quitting was the easy part for me. This side effect is going to kill me now. I am so desperate for relief!!