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I have been smoking a pack a day for 25 years.I went to the doc and begged for some thing to quit.He put me on wellbutrin as I have been having panic attacks(only 6 in 6 months)and he said this will help also.I am to take this everyday once a day.After two weeks,he said to quit cold turkey.This is my first full day on the med,and I really have no desire to smoke??!!Is it possible to go cold turkey now?A few people told me not to go cold turkey now,but to stick with my date of two weeks as the med. needs to be completely in my system.My doc also said that he only wants me on this for three weeks.Few people have said that they too felt like giving smoking up right away,but when they did,they went back.I want this to be the LAST time I try to quit.I want to do it the way that will work....should I cut back on the cigs,or drop them now, or wait til quit date.?Also, I have quit three times.Alll three times were beacuse I was pregnant and then nursed all three kids.But as soon as I was done nursing, I picked them right back up!I want to be done with this,but I dont want to drop them and pick them back up again!So any help would be appreciated.


my docto prescribed me Wellbutin because I have a mass on my life lung. I've been smoking since the age of 21. I am now 52. I'm a gospel singer and I believe in God. But this hold that cigarettes has on me I can't shake. I started the medicine Aug the 8th. It's been 6 days. I'm still smoking , but it has help me to cut down. Should I be proud of myself even though I haven't stop. Because these withdrawal is kicking my ass right now. I crying right now! SOMEBODY PLEASE WRITE ME AND HELP ME!


I dont know if this will help or not, but I quit mid April of this year cold turkey after reading the Allen Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking. I was on 60 cigs per day to nothing. All I can say is it gave me the tools, and re-brain washed me into realising smoking did nothing for me. It made me realise all the excuses I told myself were fake. The best part about this is everyone I know smokes and i sit with them, and it doesnt bother me. Not once have I had a craving. I know this isnt an answer to your post, but the book worked for me, and I'm now 4 months free!. The basic principle of the book is looking at why we smoke, the idea is similar to this....

Ask yourself why you smoke?

Is it because you think you enjoy it.... ask yourself what do you actually enjoy

Do you enjoy holding the cig? ... well hold one but dont light it

Do you enjoy breathing in smoke? .... would you cover your mouth on a car's exhaust pipe or run to a burning house for a smell.

Do you like the smell? ... Keep a ashtray full of stale cigs/ash, do you really enjoy it

Do you think its a habit? ... Habits can be broken easily, routine can be changed

Does it pass time, help you concentrate, make you less bored? ... Does moving your hand to mouth, make life more interesting, if it helped people concentrate then every job would only hire smokers.

Ok, these are some of the things I used to tell myself. I now look at the con of smoking differently.

I see it for what it was a highly clever Drug addiction. Nicotine is a weak drug, out of the system in 3 days. Allen Carr described it as an empty feeling in your stomach, a bit like hunger. I would agree with that it was hardly something I noticed.

And everyone please remember I was minimum 3 packs of cigs per day (60 individual smokes).

The con is we associate it with positive things, if we are stressed we grab a smoke, in reality a cig causes more stress, due to raising blood pressure, and the moment you stub a cig out we go into drug withdrawl which however mild still causes trauma to our bodies.

Every smoker, smokes to feel like a non-smoker.

Nicotine is low in our body, we light up... and the drug is fresh in our bodies thus making us feel like we were before we smoked.

I hope this makes sense, obviously I didnt write the book, just read it and now described it badly!!!

If it sounds interesting, and makes you think thats the idea of the process. Really want to give up, hate the slavery of smoking, if you do, then your half way there.

Good Luck everyone,