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mkay.. So.. Yayyyy quit smokin doob ra ra (loading one into the chamber) I'm off for about 2 months now. Heavy smoker 25+ years. Now all has been good except one thing.. I CANT POOP ANYMORE!!!!! I've noticed this symptom before like say hen I was on vacation somewhere and didn't smoke for a week or so. After a couple days of quitting I become irregular and my bowl movements shrink in size. . Does this go away? Should I see a doctor? I workout 6 days a week, eat fruit n veggies but nothing's working. It's destroying me. Makes me just wanna blaze again. I quit for a new high paying job but now I'm being consumed by this problem far more than smoking weed ever did.. Any advise greatly appreciated :-))


Hello Roo

Yes, constipation does occur during withdrawl and quitting. It is good that you are eating fruit and veggies, but you must also add fiber to your diet, not to mention good amount of water to drink.

You may currently take prescrition laxative or available over the counter. But, having said that I must say that you must also take stool softeners Psyllium husk every night before going to bed. This will ensure proper bowel movement