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We are increasingly suffering from the depletion of our food and starve to death literally at the table. Stress, nicotine, alcohol, fast food, pollution and other harmful influences our food can not meet all the requirements that need our body and our soul. Some of these negative factors can be countered with targeted nutritional supplements. Coral calcium powder is one of them, it is finely ground fossilized coral. This element is the most abundant mineral present in the human body and forms two percent of our body weight.



Hello vitalshop24,

Hello, A few years back calcium from coral was all the rage.  It's not a bad supplement but you need more than calcium.  You also need vitamin D to help you absorb the calcium and deposit it in your bones.  Calcium is not just important for bones but for every cell in the body as it is involved with a number of signaling pathways.  In skeletal muscle it is required for contraction and you need a lot of it.  But, keep in mind we need a number of minerals to keep our bodies working and these include potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, strontium, iron, cobalt and selenium to name a few.  I suggest not concentrating on one mineral unless for some reason you are deficient in it but rather take in a mix of minerals to keep everything in balance.  Hopefully that will keep all your metabolic pathways and tissues working properly.  Like so many other processes, balance is the key to a healthy body and brain.