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I’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago and since then I’ve been on one Reclast infusion which seems to have helped the osteoporosis issue, but it did cause me a horrible few months of side effects. Since then, I’ve been trying to find any alternative way to keep my T scores at least where they are, and so far she has me taking vitamin D and B complex supplements and Strontium Citrate.

Looking online I found this ‘Save Our Bones’ program which sounds just like what I’m looking for: all natural, no medication approach to treating osteoporosis. The problem is, I really do think strontium is helping me with my back problems, and from what I’ve read, buying into this program means taking no strontium. And even if I gave up the strontium supplement, it still costs around $70, so I was wandering has anyone tried following save our bones program? Is it worth the money?


Hello, Emma.  It is an interesting program to consider as an alternative to Reclast.  It is ultimately up to you what you want to try.  You can consider using it and still use the strontium citrate and see how your T scores are after a few months.  Or you can just do the program without the strontium supplement and see how your back problems are without it.  I wish you luck in whatever you choose.  Let us know what you decide to do and how it goes! 

Has anyone done the Save Our Bones program?  Was it effective or did your T scores decrease?