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I got a problem I did a chest xray blood work ct scan all were normal heres my story I smoked crack cocaine for 3 years and cigarettes for 30 years and pot for 20 years I been coughing up black phlem for 3 years don't no what's wrong sometimes it's clear sometimes it black don't no what's wrong seems like it's darker when I drink alcohol could the alcohol be losing it up that's why there's more black phlem when I drink I quit smoking crack 2 years ago is that a cause too for it cleaning out of my lungs


Hello, Guest!  Coughing up black-colored phlegm leads me to believe it could contain "gunk" that has accumulated over the years.  It sounds like that your lungs are trying to rid themselves of the soot and other harmful substances they contain.  I am uncertain why alcohol would be causing more of the phlegm unless it is loosening a lot of it up in your esophagus as well.  It would behoove you to cut back or quit your habits, as you probably already know.  Even though your chest xray is good now, it is a matter of time your body will be harmed from these substances.