Hey, my name's Cody.

I think that I may have Tourettes Syndrome. I'm not a hypochondriac, so this is not just paranoia.

After listening to a guest speaker, Marc Eliot, talk about Tourettes, I started to think about the "tics" that he did. I did some research online to see what other kinds of "tics" that people with TS do.

I do the following all the time, most of the time uncontrolled:
Contort my jaw.
Scratch an itch on one side of my body, and then scratch an itch on the other side of the body on the same spot.
Shrug my shoulders, which results in shivering.
Pick at my nails until I can't pick anymore. Sometimes until they bleed.
Clear my throat.
Say, "Uh-huh." or "Mm-hmm." even when there is nobody around. It is more frequent when I'm around people.
Crack my knuckles.
Stretch my legs.

I really hope that somebody could help me with this issue. I do not want to tell my parents, because, knowing them, they will think that I am a hypochondriac and that I'm just making things up. My parents love me and truly care about me, they would just think that I'm being paranoid.

Just in case you need it:
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Weight: 240 (I know that I am overweight. I'm in the process of changing my lifestyle to help this.)
Height: 6'9"
Medical History: Pneumonia 4 times, A chronic lung disorder that make me vulnerable to lung diseases, appendicitis, born 2 weeks early, Adult-Onset Diabetes, ADD (At age 7. Currently, I have grown out of it)