I've been diagnosed with OCD (obessive compulsive disorder) & Bipolar disorder...but lately I've researched on google my symptoms and it's been leading to tourettes. I have tics and jolts within my arm and head. It came to a point where I'd scratch myself until I bleed or bruise myself by those twitches. Sometimes I'd make noises like coughing, squealing or grunts...no verbal whatsoever. It's usually followed by a negetive thought, thoughts that are repetative and are events that may not even be real. Family and close friends notice it whenever I am stressed out. Even if I am comfortable, those thoughts will burst into my head out of nowhere, followed by the tics.
Perhaps I've been misdiagnosed?

It doesnt help that the level of respect I had from my boyfriend and family are lowered due to these twitches and tics...maybe that is why I twitch more. But there are no easy way to really way to deal with them about this, because it's hard enough on me that I am exposed to this and am disturbed by it trying to live my everyday life. I know I should go seek a doctor, but what should I do for now to relieve myself without looking like such a freak? Meditation, medications...?