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Just worried! me & my boyfriend have had sex before although i stopped us as i dont want to get pregnant. We just have oral sex now and my period hasn't came. I usually get cramps a week before, but this time nothing! Something similary to this happened to me before but my period came eventually. Im just wondering if i could get pregnant from him fingering me or me fingering myself with a chance his sperm is on his or my fingers? Or has anybody any other suggestions as to why this could be happening..


I suppose you could consider sperm-on-fingers a legitimate risk, a sort of amateur IVF - but oral sex, no way, again, unless he manages to get sperm in his mouth (sorry dude) and then to your vagina, or you manage to get sperm from your mouth, to your vagina - it's logistics - see reply to 'yoga pants' recently!

Sperm and nature are tenacious, but still, it has to be possible, not absurd.

If he came on your belly, for example, and you wiped your fingers in his cum, and stuck them deep inside your vagina, then yes, I'd guess that's one way to make it a viable risk. Sperm at the entrance of your vagina however has a 2500km journey (in sperm terms) to get to the egg in your uterus, so it's a bit of an Indiana Jones if it makes it. Not impossible, just way less likely than if he had ejaculated inside you, and the ejaculation had essentially power-jetted the sperm direct into the uterus, via the cervix.

By the time you wipe your hands with a tissue, if he comes over them, you're heading into miraculous conception territory.

Make it a disinfectant tissue, and it's miraculous and bloody minded conception.

I don't think any soul really needs to get to planet earth that bad!!!

Still, there was this guy...

... as to the symptoms and variations, not something I have enough experience to comment on.