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my boyfriend and i were fooling around one day and although we didnt have sex i think some of his pre-semen might have entered my vagina . I took the morning after pill after 48 hours. What are the chances that i am pregnant? i havent had any of the symptoms except for nausea. I know the mornig-after pill messes with your menstrual cycle so now im confused because i havent gotten my period yet although sometimes it can be very irregular. I took a pregnancy test and it said negative so why havent i got my period yet? it is really stressing me. :-(


Birth control is an illusion.

Contraception is about changing the odds - gambling and stacking the odds in your favour.

Nature wants you to get pregnant - you don't.

Sperm at the entrance to your vagina still has a 2500km journey, in sperm terms, to reach the promised land - your uterus, and even then there may not be an egg lying on the couch, so it's not exactly a high-risk or highly effective way to get pregnant.

Pre-semen or pre-cum is not even officially semen, but that doesn't mean a sneaky little sucker isn't in there, but again, it's not high risk, but it's not no risk either.

Taking the morning after pill is loosely the equivalent of throwing a grenade out the front door, in case someone's there, and that has about an 87% chance of finishing off any chance, even if you lucked out so far, according to the blurb on Plan B website for example.

You don't identify your timing when this occurred (stage of cycle), but let's for the moment assume that it was 'bad' or good for nature...

... if there's a 1% chance for the Indiana Jones of sperm to reach the egg from the entrance to your vagina (and women trying for a baby would kill for those odds), and a 1% chance that pre-cum contained Indiana Jones, that's already a 1 in 10,000 shot that you are pregnant - still a lot of unwanted babies in a population of 400 million, with let's say 40 million active sexual females.

Take the morning after pill, and you've increased the odds to 1 in 100,000.

Make it 1 in a thousand odds on Indiana Jones and pre-cum, and you're 1 in 10 million - as I'm sure you're partner has told you.

So no, not high odds or risk of pregnancy, but people hand over a lot of money willingly to the lottery, because they know someone like them will win it, so despite the odds, someone like you might get pregnant, even though millions of other teens and fumblers will get away with it.

Are you the one?

According to the pregnancy test, you're not... so the odds say you'd have to be incredibly unlucky to be pregnant, the pregnancy test says you're not, what now do you think the odds are that you're both that unlucky and the test is wrong?

At this point I'd be more worried about meteor strikes than pregnancy, but... bizarrely unlikely, and something beyond rational conception isn't impossible: someone does win the lottery.

The only safe way to deal with contraception and sex is, if you want sex, accept that at some point you may get pregnant, apply a few brain cells to dealing with it (which you did - a grenade out the front door was a bold and decisive move, given the low odds against you), and remember: in the western world, you still have rights to terminate, even if you do become pregnant, and some who become pregnant decide to keep the baby, and for them it is typically the most important and priceless gift in their lives.

... as to being off cycle, between the morning-after-pill and the stress, yes, I'd say you could reasonably expect some confusion.

If in doubt, check it out, see a doctor or clinic, but pregnancy would not be high up on the list of things i'd say you have to worry about.


Im having the same problem, there was no penetration or ejaculation but there must have been pre-cum. i was supposed to get my period around the time we fooled around and 30 hours after we did, i took an ECP however i havent gotten my period only spotting and brown discharge. what could this mean??



I'm in the same situation In this moment.. And I would really appreciated if you guys can help me please! I don't know what to do.