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I had first 4-5 5-6 acdf with hardware surgery 7/2013. That surgery failed to fuse and had to be revised at both levels in 3/2014 .Had a few good weeks here and there,but otherwise lots of neck pain and migraines since ! Seeing pain management doctor for the last few months until fusion confirmed! Last MRI showed fusion , however, it also showed spondylosis , spondylothelisis at c2-3 and new ostyophytes developed. Work in misery on a daily basis.. Driving is a b***h... Sleeping is hit or miss. I am 51 and virtually disabled . I am prescribed tramadol 50 mg twice daily and celebrex 100 mg daily along with Tylenol prn. Can not take ibuprofen anymore or steroids because they started causing reflux. Would love some feedback!


I had 2 level ACDF (C3-7) 4/2013 and have never been the same.  I had maybe 6 good months after the surgery, but now every day is a struggle.  After a long addiction to narcotic pain meds and 4 ulcers, I am using medical cannabis to control my pain.  I work as a medical assistant and struggle daily through headaches and nerve pain.  I have gotten decent relief with a strain called Blueberry Cookies, but honestly, it's a nighttime thing and can't be used at all during the day.  It's the most powerful muscle relaxer I've ever used, so at least I'm getting decent sleep again.  I never thought in a million years I would be a "pot smoker", but it has done what nothing else could.  Hope that helps!