for about the past two years i have experienced pretty bad headaches. i get them nearly every day and always right behind my right eye. because of family history, my doctor sent me to have a ct scan done. it came back and there was something so i had to get an mri. the mri showed a "venous angioma" but i was told that that was not the cause of my headaches. i was referred to a neurologist who right away told me the headaches were migraines and put me on zomig. first, this medicine did not work. then, after taking it several times, i felt sick from taking it. not only that i was put on a diet that would keep the "migraines" from coming, and after being on that diet for two months nothing had changed. i get a good amount of sleep and i am not a stressful person. so none of the main symptoms of migraines apply to me.
a week or so ago, i had my daily headache, and i began to feel very dizzy and disoriented. i then felt a rush of tingles that ended in my hands and feet and they went numb. this happened two times and after each time, my mouth went dry. my right ear then became very hot and it stayed hot for about two hours. i have not experienced the numbness again, but just about every day since then i have had the dizzy feeling.