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The doctors discovered that my daughter (8 years old) has crmo in her shinbone. She is in pain and must restrain her activities to the basic ones. She also misses her classes often. What caused crmo? Is it true that it can never be cured and that she will suffer for the rest of her life?


CRMO stands for chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis and it is a disorder that usually attacks children. It is similar to bone infection - osteomyelitis, but it is not caused by an infection. CRMO causes lesions in one part of the bone but it can also affect several areas of one bone or even several bones at the same time. The bones that are usually affected are tibia (shinbone), femur (thighbone) and clavicle (collarbone). The cause of the disorder is still unknown, although some authors suspect autoimmune reaction or a defect in the immune system. Your daughter will most probably experience the symptoms very often during her childhood while in her teenage years she will be in remission - it means that at this period the symptoms will not be noticeable. Occasional relapses are possible during this period and later on they might become more frequent (in early adulthood). The purpose of the treatment is to reduce the number and severity of relapses. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used since there is no positive reaction to antibiotics. In cases of severe inflammations steroids may be used. In order to make the infected bones more flexible and moveable your daughter should try physiotherapy. If the condition worsens over time surgery is possible - bone lesions can be removed during her childhood or later in life.


My daughter had/has crmo. Medical documentation says that it lasts between 6 and 10 years. I was able to get my daughter out of it much quicker.

First, the immune system must be allowed to reset itself. The child needs to sleep at night in total darkness. Get rid of any night lights. You could use a night mask also.

Get some ph papers from a health food store. You have to get the child to be ph alkaline. No sugar. Sugar causes acid.

Sugar also causes inflammation. You used the NSAIDs to reduce inflammation. Although I bought the steroids, I never used them.

Dr. Perricone has a lot on the Internet about reducing inflammation through supplements and foods.

Your child may also have problems with glutin or grains. My child no longer has any sugar or any grain except rice and quinoa. I also found that she does not do well with potatoes.

I cook fresh vegetables like green beans for breakfast. We make salads almost every day and for any meal including breakfast. We make our own salad dressing because store bought salad dressing either has sugar or some chemical sugar substitute. The sugar substitutes are worse than sugar. Many websites claim the substitutes cause liver damage.

Romain lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, capers, and sunflower seeds. Salad dressing: olive oil, basalmic vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.

In the beginning, my child was very acid. I used the supplements Elemental PH and Oxygen Elements Plus by

I really did not know what would or would not help. I would suggest you research all the autoimmune, cancer, and inflammation sites. Only use things that do no harm such as the foods you eat. Your child might also benefit from far-infrared light. I got one on ebay for $50.

I have a local health food store that carries raw (milk) collastrum. That seems to clear up autoimmune diseases. It takes about 4 to 6 months.

Clear the child's bowels. It would be good to do one of those 30 or 60 day intestinal cleanse. Look on the Internet or watch infomercials on TV. Pick one that also kills off parasites and candida.

A natural remedy for that is raw pumpkin seeds and fennel seeds. They are relatively cheap. Since they are food, you don't have side effects.

The day my child tested out alkaline was when she started getting well. It was trackable through her blood tests. I still have to do blood tests on a regular basis because the doctors cannot believe she is well. They think it might be dormant but it has not returned. Only time will tell.

Take the attitute that the body can heal itslef. Get your body healthy and let the body do its job.

Good Luck and be your child's advocate for good health.


I am interested to know how your daughter is doing now.
My son has CRMO. we are starting him on a gluten free diet today.
I could use your help.


I'm so glad I found here people who also believe its possible to cure this disease by eating healthy!
My daughter Sam has CRMo for one year now and in her case it's probably caused by the additions in food, more specific the E's (E 401, E...).
When she eats something with E's in it, 24 hours later she's in pain. When your child is in pain you should try to find out what they've been eaten the day before to find the common thing that gives a bad reaction. In our case it are clearly the E's. What we also did is to try tomake her immune system stronger by giving her every day peccan-, cashew- and walnuts.
But also every day OMEGA3 (fishoil). After a while you can stop with the nuts but the fishoil she still takes a tablet every day, to prevent this disease coming back. It's very obvious in Sam's case, E's are very common in sweets (like lolly's and so), when she eats this here wrest becomes swollen,
after one week eating nuts and fishoil, she doesn't feel pain anymore!
I won't say she's cured, the disease is still in her body and she has to watch out with what she eats, to prevent it coming back. I hope this helps with your children too!
Good luck,


I read the whole topic and I really don't know what to say..

I started having symptoms of CRMO when I was eleven and I have had it for some eight years now. I have triend almost all of the "basic" treatments including antibiotics, prednisolon, methotrexate, remicade.. and with no great outcome! I've become quite cynic when it comes to curing CRMO and still this is the worst nonsense I have had to read this far. First of all, I'm on a good diet. I eat only little E's not too much sugar, lots of vegetables, fruit, fibre, fish... And I must say, no matter what I eat the symptoms come and go. That's why it is called Recurrent in the first place. I also spent one year in Italy with a completely different diet, and that did not change a thing.

I'm glad if you've found a way to make you children feel better, but telling that crmo can be treated by a certain diet is almost like blaming the parents for keeping their children in pain.

Please excuse me for my English, it is not my first language..


When one says that they tried diet and it did not work, it may be that they have not done a diet journal to find the triggers.
Food allergies and stress make everything worse.

CRMO is now known to be inherited and is now called an autoinflammatory (not autoimmune) disease. Still diet can make it worse.
Perhaps it can never be cured but in most cases, CRMO does extinguish itself.

Our entire family went on the no gluten grains or sugars.
It improved our child.
Since then I read Dr. Gundry's Diet Revolution.
It was not hard to tweak our diet to match his recommendation.
The green vegetables and elimination of root vegetables helped.

In time, I will see if that is enough to clear up the remaining problem.
Diet helps a lot. Perhaps it is not a cure all, but it still might be.
As for the one who changed her diet, it may not have been enough of a diet change. Are you Ph acid? Then you won't get well.
I would like to hear more about using fennel to clear up CRMO.

When our child breaks her diet, she has an outburst. So perhaps the diet just keep the situation under control. That is good enough for us. No symptoms is as good as a cure.
Get white out of sight. Give fruit the boot. Brown means slow down.
Eat green and become a functioning machine.

Until you do a diet rotation, you cannot know what makes you sick.
I brought oatmeal back into my diet; I got really sick.
I grew up on oatmeal. I would never have thought I was allergic to it.
The elimination/rotation diet with a food journal can reveal huge surprises.



For those who still fight against CRMO, really I can't say it enough: avoid the E's in food, take OMEGA 3 or another fishoil and make fresh home cooked meals every day (NO E's in it), eat on a regular basis those 3 nuts I spoke about before, they fight against inflammation, it maybe can cure you, it is worth to try!!! If it helped my daughter it maybe can help you or your children. The reason that there isn't a treatment isn't because it is such a difficult disease to cure, but because there are not enough patients so they don't search for a treatment even when it's as simple as what we tried WITH succes. They declared Sam cured and described it as a miracle, IT IS NOT. Please, please just try it, it is the only thing I can say and if it worked (I don't say it will help everybody, although I hope it will), place your story here and everywhere else, so people can read those positive story's and maybe it will help their children too. At the moment she's 12 years old, she's as healthy as every other child, her wrists are almost the same again, not much difference, if you don't know it you won't see it that she had to fight a terrible disease. For a very long time now she didn't take OMEGA 3 anymore, she eats candy's again, I still watch out with E's but not that much anymore. Her dream now is to study medicine to be able to help others when she's grown up!


Not everyone is going to have the same food sensitivities or triggers. That's why we are called INDIVIDUALs. Kinesiology is a great way to test for food sensitivities without finding out the hard way (like with the oatmeal story above)


I am the one who wrote the wikipedia entry on crmo.

My child also has crmo.
As long as I keep the inflammation down, she is symptom free.
There are anti-inflammation diets and foods.
My child cannot eat junk foods or glutonous grains.
She tolerates brown rice.
A typical meal is green vegetable with a little protein.
See Dr. Gundry's diet revolution.

For my child, I used dark therapy.
I used red light therapy on pain areas.
Things that work for cancer also works for autoimmune problems.

I think out of all the different things I did, the alkaline balance is what worked.
She tested very acid on the litmus papers.
I only got her alkaline one time for one day (back when she was really sick).
She made a miraculous recovery.
The doctors did not want to believe that she was well.

The two links, the dr gundry book, and the wikipedia entry are a beginning.
You child can get symptom free.
If you cannot do everything at least keep a food diary.
Also list stressful events and correlate them to your child's wellbeing.
Foods that cause inflammation are also stressful.
Good luck...
Even the holes in her vertebae healed completely.

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i have crmo and i've had it for 7 yeards, i'm now 15. I've been told by my consultants that i have the worst case they've seen as i get it in nearly all my joints, i'm on pamidronate infusions but they don't seem to be working so i have to have injections in all my joints, i was wondering if any of you or your children have had to have this as i'm pretty nervous about having it done? thanks.


It's now 2011. What are your results as of today. The postings are a fews years old. My daughter has had CRMO and UC for 4 years. All drugs have failed. Steroids keep it under control. She is 75% gluten free/processed sugar free. She is also anitbiotic free. We use only ocean caught fish. She has swelling to the point she has had surgery to drain the areas. She is anemic as well. I'm interested in this alkaline testing so I will go to the health food store and check this out. Would really help to see current progress on you or your children. Hope its good news.


Is this reduceses the hemoglobin and WBC count in the patient blood



Hello CRMO Mom! I just found out my 6 year old nephew has been diagnosed with CRMO. My sister was recommended a very dangerous medicine (Humira) by her doctor, it is so dangerous that insurances won't cover it. So, I am very grateful to hear of natural and safe solutions. It also sounds like your solution is more likely to work. How is your child doing now?


What r the E's in food??? My daughter was diagnosed with CRMO & I am looking to anything and everything to help her she is now 12 years old.