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I need help immediately! I need to know what the risk are to a person with crohn's disease who subsequently develops shingles. I am afraid that this is me right now and my doctor is not available until the day after tomorrow. So please give me any suggestions as to what to do and not to do. THANKS SO MUCH!


Hello there,

Unfortunately there is not much you can do at this point of time. Since you are suffering from Cronh’s it is obvious that your immune system is impaired and that you need to work on improving it as much as possible. Usually it is common for people who had chickenpox in the childhood to develop shingles and this is usually happening later in life. The main reason for the occurrence of shingles is weekend immune system.

My sister in law had shingles few years ago and she got them all over her breasts. Doctor hasn’t prescribed her any oral medications but some cream, which was helpful regarding itching sensation. She has recovered very fast so I would suggest to wait for your doctor.