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My Mother has Cellulitis on her leg's really bad and they burn and hurt really bad she has Diabetes and can't have nothing with alcohol in it. but I was wondering if there was anything she could get to rub on them that would relieve the pain and burning. Could you please help us?


Considering your mother has diabetes and therefore an impaired immune system, I think she should be treated under her doctor’s supervision. Has she been experiencing recurrent cellulites? Haven’t antibiotics proved to be beneficial?

Antibiotics usually cure cellulitis but people who have impaired immune systems are more likely to suffering from cellulitis complications.

The thing is that there is a standard treatment, which includes antibiotics and bed rest, and alternative therapies haven’t been that much studied. It is important that she keeps her legs elevated, still and she can apply cold bandages to get rid of all that discomfort.

I heard of magnet therapy that’s been efficient in reliving pain and burning by improving circulation and delivering nutrients properly to different parts of the bodies and by changing the pain signals transmission.
Acupuncture has been proven to be efficient in boosting the immune system.

Now, there are homeopaths that use specific therapies according to a person’s constitutional type. So, the treatment is individualized. All you have to do is find a homeopath in your area.
From the herbs, people use comfrey root, goldenseal root, etc to boost the immune system and possibly reduce inflammation.