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Recently my wife and I caught on more then one occassion our 2 year old daughter in our baby son's (her brother) room with his diaper down look at and touching his penis and when we confronted her and ask why she was doing this she would only reply "I don't know". We tried to explain to her that what she was doing is a No! No! we've given her timeouts and sent her to her room with no toys but that doesn't seem to stop her fascination with looking at her brother's genitals. My wife and I are really between a rock and a hard place right now and don't know what else we can do. Any advice from other parents would be deeply appreciated.


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I think she's just fascinated with the fact that he's different than she is. Telling her it's a "no no" probably makes her even more curious.

Why not ask her to help you bathe the baby? At some point you might begin bathing them together. That should do away with all curiosity on both sides.

Secrets only serve to invite secrecy about the act of getting around them. I was an only boy and I had only girls in my neighborhood for playmates. Our parents never knew the fun we had secretly checking out our differences ---- when we were between 6 and 10 years old. If those differences had not been kept so secret when we were younger we probably wouldn't have been doing that.