I found this site after I had a tonsillectomy done on Februrary 17, 2015, listen folks.....I rather go through labor again than to deal with this thing here!!! I am a 44 year old African American female who was somewhat healthy until this procedure was done and I can't shake this off for nothing. After surgery I had to take the liquid pain killer to ease my pain...which helped tremendously, no sleep (had to sleep upright in my husband's recliner) or lack of sleep, liquid diet (the usual apple juice, water, white grape juice etc.) and also the soft food diet.....puddings,yogurt, soup,etc. And I have this funky taste in in my mouth which I can't describe in text, is so horrendous!!!! Everything that I drink or eat it tastes.....well, horrible and I gag each time when I do try to swallow something . The forming of extra mucus in the back of my throat is also horrible, when I try to spit....there's this long stringy thing hanging out of my mouth