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I have to have my tonsils removed in the next month and I've ready about 1,000 horror stories about having it done. Can anyone provide some positive stories? I know it will hurt badly and I've been threw 3 surgeries before and I'm only 25 years old. I've had back and knee surgery and also my appendix removed so I've been through some serious pain before. I realize its a bad experience but can anyone provide some positive reinforcement before I head into this...thanks for the help.


the reason I have to have them out is because of sleep apnea developing...I stop breathing often at night and my doctor is worried this can lead to sleep anea, heart disease, etc...I've felt tired basically every day and they said this could be the cause, i'm hoping this works because I dont want to have a sleep study and then find out more the long run, the doctor said this is going to do great things for me, so I'm on board, just scared from reading the stories.


I just had mine taken out on Nov 20th and I am still recovering, but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't really comfort you, but I can tell you it seems that each case is different. There are a lot of bad experiences but there are also a good amount of stories out there that are the opposite.

Sure, at best you are going to be sore in the throat, but it is bearable as long as you do the following:

- Take your pain meds on time, don't wait until the pain sets in to take them, keep ahead of the game

- Stay Hydrated - Over Hydrate yourself if possible, start now! When your throat is sore you may not even feel comfortable swallowing water at the pace you need to, but even if it is sore swallowing water, remember it will be more painful if you don't swallow the water. You also need electrolytes, so mix in some Gatorade (try to find some with lower Soodium levels, as I seemed to be sensitive to the standard, your tastes may change post surgery)

- Keep your room on a Cool Air Humidifier at Max Humidity.

- Don't over-exert yourself. Don't try to get back to your life too quickly, remember it'll get worse before it gets better.

- I gargled each night with a homemade Saline Solution that I pre-mixed in an empty milk container so I didn't have to mess with it. It was 1 tsp of Salt and 1/2 tsp of Baking Soda per Quart of water (4 Qts in a gallon), Gargle after you eat anything so it doesn't get trappped in the surgical site.

- Have soft foods on hand before your surgery (puddings, chicken broth, jello, etc.) I bought two packets of the Chicken Bouillion packs and make a cup of broth 2 times a day. I am tired of it by now, but it keeps the hunger shakes away, although I have lost 17 lbs. since my surgery 11 days ago.

- Drink water! I know I already said that, but seriously stay on top of it. If your throat gets dry it gets more painful and then even harder to swallow. Plus your liver is basically going to be on a med diet the next 1-2 weeks, at least wash it down with water.

- I found over time my mouth became sensitive to temperatures, particularly cold. I now microwave a 8 oz glass of water for 20 seconds to make it bearable, keeo this in mind incase yours does the same. The norm seems to be people preferring cold items, as they sooth. The cold on mine felt like it was striking a nerve.

Don't get psyched out ahead of time, I did that too. Just remember that you'll make it through and the benefits in the long run outweigh the pain and suffering of the next two weeks.

BTW, I got mine out because I had recurrent strep throats, colds, etc for over a year, every other week or so I was coming down with something.