My best advice is to ask your anestesiologist (sp) for an anti-anxiety medicine before they wheel you into OR. Helped me tremendously with pre-op anxiety.

As for recovery pain, yesterday was pretty miserable. Drink large quanities of liquid. I like gatorade mixed with water. Take your pain medicine every 3 hours. Set your alarmto wake up and drink as often as you can. I had vicodin and crushed the pill into a smal shot glass of gatorade. Other than being a little bitter, this was the best way to get it down. Make sure to eat some yogurt or Ensure beforehand or immediately after or you may experience nausea.

Today is the day after my surgery and I feel like I have a moderate sore throat. Still not feeling up to solid foods, but recovery is going a lot better and faster that I expected.

Btw...I had the CO2 laser procedure and also a submucous turbinate procedure for post-nasal drip