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Hi all......I had my tonsils out 11 days I will refer to today as day 11. I was completely informed about everything to expect, but not everyone is the same. For instance, it is day 11 and my "scabs" still haven't fallen off.
My experience......
I was sent home the day of surgery with Roxicet (Liquid form of Percocet) Found out by the 3rd dose.....I am allergic to it. I was itching SO bad, I looked like I got into a fight with a bobcat from all the scratching. My Dr switched me over to Lortab Elixer (Liquid Lortab/ vicodin ....same thing). All I really remember of day 1-2 is grogginess and pain.Oh and the CANKER sores on both sides of my tongue....turns out the cancer sores are from where the tool they used to push my tongue out of the way, caused me to feel like I bite both sides of my tongue. This is probably the worst pain right now....Buy some stuff the use on babies that are teething. It helps, and it numbs the canker sores for a bit!!!!! Day 3 I was feeling ready to try something soft. I had some soup with noodles....OUCH, tried Mashed potatoes....OUCH!!! So I decided to forget about eating. HOWEVER , I made a point to have a drink in my hand at ALL TIMES. Lots of water, coke worked for me , gatorade (although it tasted like c**p :-(. I also had a lot of soup BROTH without noodles or vegies or anything, JUST THE BROTH.
Started feeling more like myself Day 5....but SURPRISE DAy 8 arrived and I felt horrible...this was my WORST day so far. I had the worst throat pain, I was coughing, my throat was dry, and the pain was radiating to both my ears. (All to be expected) I had to call my Dr and ask for more pain meds. I have what looks like a rash on the roof of my mouth. I got something called "Magic Mouthwash" from my Dr. It's a combination mouthwash that you swish around then swallow. It has Doxycicline/Benadryl/Natamycin/and Hydrocodone in it. Makes the throat feel a little better. She also gave me some Lidocaine to numb my throat if I needed it.
What I would recommend to someone getting ready to go through this=
EXPECT to be in PAIN.
1. The meds help A lot so take them every 4 hours no matter what for the first 5 days....even if you don't think you need it!!!
2. Have a drink/popcycle in your hand at ALL TIMES. It hurts to swallow at first, but the more you swallow the better you will feel!!! PROMISE. Just keep swallowing the drinks (find one that you can tolerate and stick with it) Gatorade is great because it has calories and electrolytes that you body needs since you aren't eating. You should be going through at least 1-2 glasses an will have to pee a lot- but your throat will THANK YOU !!! Popycycles and SHERBET are OK !!

NO MILK /Dairy Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Try chewing gum. It helps stretch the muscles like swallowing does, so you really don't have to think about swallowing, you are just doing it :-)
4. DON'T be in such a big hurry to eat, or feed your kid!!!! If you go 7 days, on gatorade and drinks like is OK
5. Want to eat?Want your kids to eat?? Take the noodles OUT of your Chicken noodle soup, eat it luke warm. Calories and NO PAIN. And since it is just a broth , you don't have to worry about food getting stuck in your throat where your tonsils were. And the food DOES get stuck :-(
6. Did I mention DRINK A LOT of fluids!!!! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!
7. DO NOT TAKE Tylenol with your prescribed pain meds. There is already tylenol in Vicodin, Percocet, and Tylenol #3. You CAN OVERDOSE on Tylenol so don't ADD any Tylenol without asking/telling your Dr.
8. You are going to start feeling better , then you are going to feel horrible again, then you will start feeling better again....THIS IS NORMAL, and TO BE EXPECTED!!! :-)
9. Get someone to stay with you for the first 3 days, you will need the help and moral support. Let them know in advance you are going to be miserable!!! Also Let them know that having a tonsillectomy for an MUCH MORE PAINFUL AND TRAUMATIC than it is for a child. So you may act like a baby...and that is OK !!!!!
10. -- Sleep with an ICE PACK on your throat/neck for the first 3 days P.S.......I had to sleep sitting up, or on my side (head turned to the side) the first 2 nights because my Uvula ( that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) was swollen was bigger than the size of my thumb! And it made it REALLY HARD for me to breathe sometimes, if I was laying flat or on my back...This is normal, just sit up and sleep on a bunch of pillows. To help the swelling go away faster . -- Sleep with an ICE PACK on your throat/neck for the first 3 days :-)
11. I will post more as I finish this "adventure". Just Hang in there!!!! It does get better Again :-) ha ha
12. Take 2 FULL weeks off from work..... you will think you aren't going to need it, but you may. And it's easier to start back to work early than it is to try and get more days off!!!!
13. You can do this!!! Don't feel embarrased to get on a post like this and stay in touch with other people going through the same thing. It helps pass the time!! AND ease your mind!!

Best of luck! You can do it! It does get better !!!!

KKernon :-) Day 11


Sure wish I would've done my homework on this tonsillectomy business. I just had tonsils out the day before yesterday. I was back in the hospital for a string of IV fluids and anti-nausea medicine as no matter what or how much I drank I couldn't keep anything down. Throat swelled up quite quickly and was horrific to swallow. Today seems to be a bit better however I still feel like I'm swallowing razor blades. My ears are starting to hurt as well. From what I've read, this is to be expected. I'm hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel soon.


Thank you soo much I found this very helpful. I'm 18 yrs old and I'm on day five. The pain hasn't gone away at all it just seems to get worse. My whole jaw, my tonsils and my ears hurt REALLY bad right now. The gum thing helps. The pain is the worse when I wake up from a short nap or in the morning. I'm tried an ice pack and it doesn't help how I feel when I wake up.
Something that DOES help though and for some reason it helped the pain as well is I boiled some eggs, and then whenever I was hungry I'd warm one up a little and mash it with a little butter. It tasted okay and it didn't hurt to eat for me AT ALL. However I can only eat so many eggs.


I also went through this things. I had tonsils out three months ago but I still remember like it was yesterday. I felt a lot of pain after, I can't deny. I had this feeling like I have some weird pockets on the side of the throat, I don't know how to explain differently. Anyway, I was taking pain killers because without them I think that I would not be able to survive this pain. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat. Every food was hurting me so I needed to blend everything like I was a kid. My advice is to go on easy with the foods, don't eat everything because you are still in sensitive state and you can hurt yourself. After 10 days you will be able to eat "hard" food, not just those baby foods. It will be hard in the beginning but remember that this will go away soon. You just need to hold on. 



Hello everyone, I just had my tonsils out 5 days ago and am actually feeling really good. I have been eating well and eat popsicles probably every 10 minutes. One thing i found out that helps tremendously is to eat Macaroni and cheese. It may sound weird but i had macaroni and cheese about 3 hours after surgery and it tasted so good. The noodles just slide down the throat and you only need to drink a few times while eating it.
My advice to anyone else going through a tonsillectomy is to eat scrambled eggs in the morning, macaroni and cheese during meal times, and eat as much Popsicles as it takes.
It is day 5 now and i have started to eat foods like baked potatos and corn and little bits of chicken.
I hope my posting helps anyone out there who is in need of a good food that doesnt hurt to eat


I'm 17 and next Thursday I'm goin to have my tonsils removed... it's a little scary no lie, but it's good to know what to expect before hand so that I know.


I am an 18 yr old male..I had my tonsils out yesterday. I have been in tremendous amount of pain. Turns out the Dr. gave me the weakest pain killer he could have. It was a lil stronger than 400mg of Motrin as it turns out. I have not eaten anything yet. I am struggling to drink water as I do not want to end up back up in the hospital for an i.v. I have found grape kool-aid is the easiest thing to get down...I have also been upgraded to seems to be working a lil better..I was prescribed magic mouthwash when i had mono a few months ago..and I asked my Dr. today if I can use it and she i am waiting for her to call me maybe i can get some food down..due to i am starving. I may make myself a pina colada a lil later..


Today is day 10 ! I feel a ltitle better today, managed to eat a full scrambled egg.

I spent the last 2 nights in the hospitol. I woke up in a pile of blood on day 8 and was bleeding very severly. Went to the ER . They rushed me into the operation room and re coderized ( Spelling ) my throat. They reburnt it.

I havent eaten anythingbut about 2 cups of apple sauce in the last 11 days. Not good. but ive had a very bad tonsillectomy experiance.

The doctor did give me loraltab ( liquid vicodin )

And that has been my savior. ive been taking it on the 4 hour dot every day. Except. i ran out like 4 days ago. the doc gave me a little bottle. but theirs only like 2 more doses left.. Sigh....

Apparently theres only a 1-2% chance of bleeding after a tonsilectomy .


Gl to any one else going through this hell.



Hi im on day 16 after my tonsil removel and at 45 I thought it would be the worst experience ever, after my op I requested my lunch which went down without much pain or problems, learning how to swallow without my tonsils took a few mouthfulls but soon mastered it then had dinner again without too much bother and for supper I had toast, all the time after the op I was drinking plenty of water and I was given enough painkillers to numb the residual pain, like another person mentioned my tongue was sorer than my throat big bruises on both sides I thought they had been using my tongue to swat flies, everything was going fine I even went back offshore but my job got cancelled after three days and on the day I came home (day 13) I went to a friends house and while I was there I experienced a slight taste of blood, now im not one for panicking and as ive read on here blood oosing after a scab comes off is not unusual, once I got home the oosing had stopped earlier so I thought I would have some soup and a cheese roll........thats when I had my most frightening experience..... one bite of the roll and it felt like I had a small fountain in my throat but tasting of blood and while swallowing and trying to breath I looked at the back of my throat in the mirror and there was a small fountain in the back of my throat so I bent over my bath and for approx 20 minutes it continued to bleed out then cauterised by itself so next day I saw my GP (doctor) and he said it was just one of my scabs coming off most likely where the artery that used to feed the tonsils was cauterised and put me on a hard hitting course of anti biotic's (Erythromycin) and im taking this along with Ibuprofen (for the inflamation of my dangly bit) I was on Paracetamol and the occasional dose of Dihydrocodeine if the pain got too much to sleep etc, although I stopped taking any painkillers on day eight as I didnt think the pain was too bad then.
So after my bleeding scare I have resorted back to soft foods possibly sometime in the next few days I will try toast again, another function I had to learn again was yawning which felt like I was stretching the muscles in my throat but as the days go by everything gets easier and hopefully someone may find this "my story" helpfull cheers Niall


I am a 42 y/o male now 13 days post tonsillectomy. Everyone warned me that this was a tough operation for an adult, and they were right. The pain in the ears is the worst part of the entire deal. I recommend lots of ice packs and eating ice chips to keep the swelling and pain down. Take your liquid pain meds every four hours exactly as you are told. No room here for being a tough guy, I tried it and it backfired turning me into a blubbering id**t (which my girlfriend reminds me of frequently). I still have a sore throat and some ear pain now. I take my pain medication at night when I go to bed, and plan to continue doing so until it is gone.

I didn't eat anything solid until four days after the surgery. I have read alot of people having bleeding problems and my guess would be that they tried to rush it with food. I drank alot of water and gatorade. Stay away from citrus because it WILL burn no matter how much pain meds you have taken. I lost 10 pounds (which I actually liked), but I didn't worry as long as I was drinking enough to create urine. As you move into your second week, I recommend lots of soups blended to a puree: chicken noodle, cream of mushroom, vegatable beef... something with protein even if you have to go with plain broth. I have not experienced any loss in taste except the beer I drank last night tasted horrible (first one since surgery).

I am pretty much eating anything I want now. The chunks of food that get stuck in the cavities where my tonsils were is EXTREMELY annoying. I am told this will go away, and if I chew things excessively and drink lots of water I can usually dodoge this bullet pretty well.

All my friends who have had the procedure swear it was a great decision for them. I am looking forward to not getting strep, tonsilitis, and pharyngitis five or six times a year.


Hi all, i am 19y/m now, having my tonsils token out tomorrow at 5.00, i am having tonsilities, which comes with eye sore, persistent high fever and pharyngitis recently 4 times per month. Thats it, sick of being so weak which made me decide to take out my tonsils, i swear i will miss them, the tonsils, not the infected tonsils.
So far from what i read from the web.
I roughly get what i will experiencing in my next week 2, i wish i could fast foward there but i want to experience this and post it on my blog to help other people too.
In preperation for the miserable days

1) Humidifer
2) Oatmeals (loads of it)
3) popsicles
4) plently of juices
5) icepack
6) dramas (i'm from singapore)
7) books

I figure this is all that i will need
Good luck to anyone in recovery or having their tonsils taken out


Hi fellow Singaporean, I had my surgery on 6 may as well. I am a 36 yr old guy. How has it been for u? Pain hasn't subsided for me... But finally able to sleep well after the swelling has subsided on day 2. Swallowing is painful and hasn't gone down the slightest bit. I rely mostly on lozenges that numbs the throat fit 2 hours or so. Pain killer medication and mouth gaggle isn't really helping ease pain for me.


Hi, I am a 45 female who just went through tonsillectomy and left nasal sinusectomy on 25October2010. Just to let everyone who is keen to know what I went through. Firstly it was a tough decision as I have been having countless recurrence of pharyngitis and tonsillitis since I was a kid (probably since 12years old) and my family doctor had a typical notion that tonsillectomy is a surgery that is dangerous where one of the side effects is pneumonia so I was fed on antibiotics all the while and the usual response from my GP was, I am an extremely week person with poor immunity. A year back I went to a orthodontist and I was told that my teeth was extremely bad and crooked and should I not correct the problem, I would have a crooked jaw. The solution was to have braces done and I went ahead with the option base on the expertise advice. It was a shocking experience as I was allegic to metal that triggers frequent pharyngitis to the extend that I took the decision to remove the braces after 3 months although the orthodontist insist that she is using the most inert wire. Whatever it was, my decision was correct and my weekly attack of pharyngitis reduced to monthly and somehow I never got back to bi-yearly pharyngitis or tonsillitis attack. The allergic to metal attack somehow went below my threshold to cope such that the pharyngitis and tonsillitis attack stars to reccure every 3 week and as usual my family gp still insist that I am weak and just go on antibiotics.
I was extremely piss and decide to see an ent specialist in the same hospital. He did a scope which he could not find anything wrong besides from the oral view, my tonsil looks extremely small to warrant a tonsillectomy and I was given Vallium (can you imagine I am perceive to be a nut case) to calm down for anxiety. Being extremely desperate I decide to seek an external specialist as I felt a 3rd opinion out from the same hospital would give a different view and also to confirm if I am 'crazy'.
I am glad my decision to seek a 3rd opinion was good. The ent specialist did 3 checks on me ie: scope (response was normal), CT Scan (found something) and X-Ray from the CT Scan. I was put to a course of antibiotics, steroid nasal spray, nasal irrigator and steroid medication for a start but my body system was overwhelm with it that I start to have thrush, rejects from the nasal spray which triggers extreme sore throat and face swelling from nasal irrigation. My response did not gave the new ent specialist much time to observe nor test new medication and the only option was surgery as observing my symptom, I have 2 major disease ie: Sinusitis and Tonsilitis which one triggers the other. The sinus triggers a back flow of mucus that triggers the tonsils to erupt responding into pharyngitis and tonsillitis which half the time any gp I visited can never identify which is which besides my tonsil burst during my teens days where a heartland doctor dispense wrong medication.
I was desperate as the throat eruption keeps repeating every week and I became a nuisance to my husband and my siblings. I took the plunge to go for the 2 in 1 surgery and for the past 24days, things were getting better although I have my reservations as I do not want to be too happy before a full recovery ie in a months time.
Tonsillectomy symptom:
After the surgery (3-6pm) I was wheeled back to the room and taking the doctors advice, I stared to drink water using a straw although I wad put on glucose drip. The next day (day 2-24hrs later), my ENT specialist visited and insisted that I should have oral food intake such as Milo or soft porridge as it will help to prevent dehydration besides water. I couldn't eat although it's not as painful as having tonsilitis but by dinner time I requested for light Milo as I was feeling hungry. On day 3, I started with soft watery porridge with pickle sauce (chyesim) and I felt better although I felt a little dizzy with the sinusectomy. ENT doctor was happy that I am eating but my greatest enemy was taking oral medication with sipping water through a straw and having the pain in my mouth. I was given 6 tablets ie: Arcoxia 90mg, Danzen 5mg, Ciprobay 250mg (as I am allergic to ampicillin and penicillin), Flagyl 250mg, Penadine 500mg x 2tab (which I refuse to take as I couldn't swallow anymore and I could endure the pain) and doctor highlighted that the critical 48hr is over ie:bleeding or any complications. Day 4 seems to improve and I could take Chee Chong Fun although the pain on the throat varies and everyday the symptom is different ie. Ear and throat itch, ear pain and throat sore. As the days passes I could open my mouth and I start to check on the healing progress. There were lots of whitish slush and it falls to the back of the throat that triggers the sore throat effect such that after every spitting, the pain lessen.
Skins starts to form as the slush falls out and the big dent area that use to hold the tonsils gets smaller and the skins gets pinky although I saw some small bumps at the back of the tongue just behind the gum area which the ENT doctor says that those are just small lymph nodes from the tongue which the healing is till in progress.
As of today which is 3weeks and 6days, I still have mild sore throat when I don't drink water and also when I wake up in the morning and at times ear and back of tongue itch. I am not sure if the sore throat is contributed by the healing of the sinusectomy which is stale blood flowing backwards.......
It was a painless surgery other than feeling sore on the nose bridge and having to breath through the mouth (luckily I have the other side of the nose to breeth). I had to wash and flush my nose at least twice a day and finally two days back a whole chunk of stale blood flow out through the back of my throat and the nose. It's one of the most disgusting night I had to go through as it was dripping out throughout the night. My doctor was happy as it's a sign that the maxillary cavity is beginning to work.
From now I will still need to monitor my progess and keep everyone posted.....for those who are going through the surgery all the best.



I'm a 37yr old female from the UK, I had my tonsillectomy on 3rd May 2011, so this is day 6.

The day I had the op, I was fine - I even managed a piece of sandwhich, a couple of cookies and several cups of tea.

I've discovered (and the Dr. did warn me of this) that the pain DOES get worse for several days after.

Pain is excrucitating but erractic (dependant on how long it's been since my last dose of soluble co-codamol/paracetamol). Earrache started sometime in the middle of night 4. Eating enthusiasm is also dependant on when I last had my meds.  Today, I don't want to go near food.

The Dr. insists that you eat as normally as you can (NOT soft food/little but often) to remove the 'debris' at the back of the throat - I'm guessing the debris is the white spotty bits that look like tonsillitis mould, but are actually dead flesh.

I've also been told to expect a little bit of blood here and there, I suppose where the scabs start to break up and yes I've had that.


I've been told to go back to the hospital is I spit up more than 1-2 teaspoons of blood.  How exactly am I supposed to define one to two teaspoons, when it's mixed with saliva?

I seem to always start bleeding in the evening; last night more so than before, then woke up this morning to a little blood coming out of my nostrils and a mouthful of very bloody saliva.  It has currently stopped.  Taking my meds made me cry, it was that painful.


I've been told - again by the Dr.s - that I'll be able to eat normally after day 7, but that days 7 -14 I must avoid other people if I can help it, because I will be at my most vunerable for picking up their infections; from day 14 onwards I'll be fine and well enough to go back to work.  I currently can't see me keeping to this rather optimistic schedule :)



Hello all....I wanted to give a more positive story.  There are not too many out there and I was horrified when reading these stories.  I just had my tonsils out yesterday.  The worse pain that I had was when I woke up.  They gave me medicine and sent me home with percocet.  I have been dilligent about keeping the max dose I can take every four hours and have not had any more of a soar throat than when I get tonsilitis.  I ate two hamburgers, two things of fries, granola bar, pudding, jello, crackers and a few other things.  Best advice is to eat solid foods because it helps with the healing and drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated.  This is the first morning after surgery and the nurses said days 2-4 would probably be worse.  So far I have had a little more pain but nothing like I expected from reading these posts.  Believe me, if I can get through it anyone can.  They had to inject valume in my IV b/c I was so scared and my anxiety was so bad.  I am the biggest baby and I am recovering just fine.  It all depends on the person but I can honestly say that if you are subject to getting tonsilitis or strep, than this surgery is not that big of a deal.  By the way I am 26 and they do say as an adult it can be much worse.  I am hear to tell you to be positive.  Keep fluids and your medicine in you and you should be just fine.  I will continue to post throughout my recovery and let you know what happens these next few days and see if it is really that much worse as time goes on.  Goodluck to all and my prayers are with you!