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dangers during pregnancy


Toxemia a.k.a pregnancy-induced hypertension is a disorder that pregnant women develop usually when placenta starts growing but could be detected later in pregnancy. It is not known what factors contribute to development of this disorder, so there is no a proper way to prevent it or at least minimize the risks. It is known that it happens most often during first pregnancies or if a woman’s with a new partner.
Toxemia rises a woman’s blood pressure and that is one of the main symptoms of the disorder. Other symptoms toxemia may cause are retaining fluids, which leads to swelling of the extremities and face, sudden weight gain and leakage of protein in the urine. There is also a risk of stroke if the disorder is not controlled and a woman’s blood pressure starts rising. Poor blood supply to the baby could decrease the baby's nutrients and may effect her growth and health.

Mild toxemia is doesn’t represent such a problem and in the case of mild toxemia, a woman is closely monitored by her doctor. However, if it becomes severe, toxemia could pose health risk to both mother and a child.

There are different problems toxemia could lead to. It may cause liver and kidney damage, problems with eyesight and even lead to convulsions if not treated in time.

In case of severe toxemia, every woman should listen to her doctor’s order and stay in bed most of the time and drink your hypertension medicines if any prescribed. This can surely be an annoyance but it is the only way to prevent complications. If this is your case, make sure you get some help around the house, organize yourself properly, have different stuff around you, so you wouldn’t have to move a lot.