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Good day doc 1) my fiancee's virginity was deflowered by me during 3rd day after her period starts. With me cumming.inside her 2 times.. it was very uncomfortable for her and she had bleeding for another 3 more days ( as my fiancee menses normally last only about 4 days), so is it due to her lost of virginity that cause it bleed a bit longer?

2) on the 8thday (from the day of her period) we had unprotected sex again with me cumming inside her more than once. Only a bit light traces of blood was found in her discharge.. is it o.k..?

3) my fiancee and I enjoy the intimate time, and we had been having regular monthly unprotected sex ( 4thday after her period start), with mostly ending with me cumming inside her.. so is if safe as there's no egg yet in her? What are the chances she will get pregnant as we being doing it for 4 months plus?


Hi, It all depends on her mensural cycle length. Generally if she has a 28 to 32 day cycle, than days 1 to 6 there is very little chance of pregnancy. However between days 7 and 20 it is advisable to avoid coming in her if you are not trying to concieve or want to avoid conceiving.
It worth remembering that your sperm can live inside her reproductive system for up to 5 days, so having sex on the 8th day could result in conception if she was to ovulate between days 8 and 13.
On the other hand if you are wanting a baby, then best to engage in unprotected sex with deep ejaculation (that is your penis as deep inside her as it can go) every day before days 8 and 16 to ensure there are plenty of little swimmers waiting for her egg.