Gees I am having trouble with this so I will post again! I have recently been diagnosed with a dehiscence of the superior semicircular canal I have read the posts, and was wondering if anyone else has dizziness standing up, dizziness when getting out of bed, and dizziness when just walking and bending over to pick things up. My doctor is trying to treat me with meds at the moment with the hopes of it closing. I have had dizziness for the a few years, but it would come and go and never thought nothing of it. Then in January the dizziness became out of control, along with ear fullness and ringing and humming happening in the affected ear. I have read that some people have had surgery, and some havent mentioned how long it took to get back to a normal life, such as going back to work. How much hair did they have to shave off? as you can tell I am pretty much freaked out about surgery, and more detailed answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!