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In addition to my question about the SCD diet, can I ask whether having SCD over many years causing vestibular, balance problems can do any long term or permanent damage to the inner ear or other perhaps neurological disorders? I get lots of leg tightness and discomfort and wonder whether this is due to compensation over many years of the feeling of going to fall over! My movement is becoming more and more impaired and at age 52 I sometimes look like a 90 year old! Also, could the dizziness cause feelings of breathlessness (unable to catch my breath)?

thankyou in anticipation?



I HAVE THIS TOO!!! My whole right side is weird. After over ten years of physical therapy for the weird right side of body problems, including a spontaneously dislocating rib :'( , the only thing that worked was balance therapy. And of course the balance therapy wore off pretty quickly. I'm not getting good info on taking care of myself from the person who diagnosed me. It took him ten years, and he is still waffling. I've been 90 for the last fifteen years even though I'm really only 41. I just found this site today. There are so many things I want to ask people. I'm also breathless. My heart goes wildly fast for no reason it seems. Plenty of doctors have checked my heart. Its perfectly fine. I know it is the balance problem. I keep thinking about the surgery. Oh well.