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I got physical with my boyfriend on 2nd February and it was unprotected without any contraceptives. We did have a single layer of clothing between us and that too was wet with seminal fluid. But we are sure that he did not ejaculate on me. I have got a delayed period. Where I was supposed to bleed on 12th February(no signs for periods so far). Experiencing no such symptoms except headache and a bit of cramps in abdomen and back(that too after intervals). I am confused. Is it just the stress causing delay in my periods? Is it likely for me to get pregnant this way? Is it too early to take a pregnancy step? When would be the ideal time to take the test?


You do not give much detail, but tomorrow would be a good time to take a pregnancy test.

Can you be more specific with what you mean?

  1. You say "I got physical with my boyfriend", but do not say exactly what happened.
  2. If you mean you had sexual intercourse, what then was the "single layer of clothing between us"?
  3. You say "that too was wet with seminal fluid" but did not say what else "was wet with seminal fluid".
  4. You say "he did not ejaculate on me", so where did he ejaculate?

If you were supposed to start your period 12 Feb, that would indicate ovulation 29 Jan, so 2 Feb would not be a fertile day. However, if you ovulated 4 days later than expected, then it would be a fertile day. Stress might delay ovulation (and thus the period), but is not likely to delay just the period. But periods can sometimes be missed for no apparent reason.

3 weeks after last sex is an appropriate time to take a pregnancy test. Was this the first and only time you had a sexual encounter?