I am currently on the depo shot. I started almost a month ago on november 5th, well... I ended up having unprotected sex on the 24th of november. Lately I have been having this weird feeling. I think I'm pregnant. I have been feeling bloated, i have been spotting, I have been having back pains side cramps, abdominal pain, when I press on my stomach It sometimes feel hard but most deff' my bladder area feels hard! lately when I lay on my stomach I get this weird feeling, it feels like im kinda laying on top of something uncomfortable and I have to kinda tilt sideways, when I wake up i get a very sick dizzy feeling. & at the middle of night my back and side was hurting. My boyfriend even said he felt dizzy, & weak. yes, i have heard of sympathetic symptoms but im not sure if im pregnant or not... its only been nine days since we had sex. & it'll be a month going on december 5th since i have been on the Depo. i go to the hospital december 5th to get a follow up, will they be able to tell if im pregnant or not?? am i starting to experiance the depo finally kicking in?? HELP PLEASEEE