okay so im 14 me and my boyfriend have been having uprotected sex for almost over a month i started depo in may 2008 and i am having symptoms of being pregnant. Ive been having cramps headaches, backaches, hot flashes, nasuea, weird taste in my mouth, cravings for steak, slighty tender breast, slighty hard belly its kinda sticking out, hurts when i have bowel movements occasionly, weird felling movements in my stomach from the belly button and down, and gas. But i havent got my period while i have been on depo. But when im not on depo i get my period every two weeks. Im scared to tell my parents, and i have no way to get a test and i wouldnt be able to tell because i dont get my period on depo but i have had some spotting in the last week. Could i be pregnant? Help.