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i am having cold clammy sweats during night and in the day im sweating from my head profusely just at my ears my hair is always soaking i am 44 but doctor have said im not menapausal


Although everyone thinks of menopause first when experiencing cold sweats, there are so many other possible causes. Although you are in that age, when your estrogen levels could be decreasing and you could be actually entering menopause ie be in premenopause, you should have some analyses like blood done to see if something else’s the matter. How did your doctor determine that you are not menopausal? Have you already had a blood test done. The problem with hormonal testing is that it won’t tell whether you are premenopausal when hormones start declining, these tests can tell only when you have reached full menopause ie when you haven’t had a period in a year.

Other possible causes of cold sweats include viruses, mononucleaosis (also caused by a virus), certain infections, migraines, anxiety, hypotension, internal bleeding, hypoglycemia, heat exhaustion, circulatory disorders or heart disorders. In most of these cases, you would have additional symptoms, so make sure you report anything to your doctor and talk to him if he could figure out what it could be causing your sweats.