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Being an athlete, it is very frustrating to be so easily fatigued. I can't seem to get enough rest, and even when I sleep 8 hours plus during the day - I still feel fatigue and exhaustion. Headaches daily in the mornings. Joint aches....just general feeling of malaise. I had a hemiplegic migraine several monthes ago, but nothing major since then. I just don't feel right, but cannot pin point what is wrong. I tire extremely easily, my chest feels as though I cannot catch a deep breath most of the time. I have nights sweats at least 1x per week. I feel weak most of the time......I am tired of feeling like sh*t....what could be wrong with me???


You have the classic symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. An aspirin a day can help reduce the inflammation in your joints and muscles, and may help with your migraine headache. Environmental pollutants can cause symptoms such as yours. Furnitures and carpets and household appliances often give off harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde that can make people sick. I have had milder symptoms like yours until I put in place 3 portable HEPA filtration units in my house, and 1 unit on my office desk. I turn them on 24/7. Now I feel refreshed almost all the time and I feel like I have a lot more energy. I also sleep like a baby at night.