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i had a dermoid cyst (5x5 centimeters) on my left ovary surgically removed in 2009 feb. they told me it was benign. now i am 35 weeks pregnant and found out that i have another dermoid cyst on the same ovary, this time 1x1 cm.

has anyone had a dermoid cyst come back on the same ovary before? im worried that maybe its not benign and that it might be cancerous. and will i have to have a c section because of this cyst? im going to ask if they just do a c section and remove the cyst after my baby is born.


I know it's been a long time ago but in case if someone finds it useful here's my story. I knew I had a dermoid cyst on my left ovary when I found out I was pregnant. It was 5 cm and was bothering me usually a couple days before and during my periods. My doctor didn't want to perform any intervention while I was carrying my baby. So we were just watching my cyst making sure it didn't grow bigger. I gave birth this September naturally. Everything went well in general. A month after the ultrasound showed my cyst grew 1 cm. It wasn't too much, but it had to be removed. My full coverage insurance due to pregnancy was expiring the end of a November. Dermoid cyst has a tendency of rupturing and growing especially after giving birth. So it was decided to get it removed ASAP while it's still covered by my insurance. To cut the long story short, if that ever happens to you just get a c-section and get your cyst removed right then. Cause now I ended up recovering after vaginal birth and as soon as my body healed I got my cyst removed and now have a huge c-section like scar (all the nurses at the labor department where I was kept were thinking I actually just had a c-section). I didn't know back then that I could get it all done at once, but how could my doctor not consider and offer it. My baby had to spend 3 days with his grandma while I was drugged, drowsy and in terrible pain after surgery, and my boy is just 2,5 months old!!! I had to pump all the time and at this point it takes a while, like an hour since it's not colostrum your body produces the first days after delivery. My baby is back with me but I can't really carry him around. I usually just pull him all over the bed trying not to lift him up since my abdomen is in do much pain. I had to cut down on pain medication too since I don't wanna be high around my baby and I don't want him to get this sh*t through my breast milk. Honestly, I Am really upset I wasn't told about the option of getting it all done right away. Cause now I feel like I had vaginal delivery and a c-section all withing 2 months. It sucks big time.