Now I'm 29 years get married for 7 months and get pregnant for 5 month's. When ever I feel pain in my tommy doctor advice to do a usg, as earlier TVS on April shown a chocolate cyst in right overy, doctor suggest for surgery, we get ready for that also. In the meantime I discovered my pregnancy in June 2016, I have already operated a dermoid cyst in 2012 may in left ovary, but left ovary stayed . But the recent USG astonished me that both of my ovaries affected by dermoid cyst on 6.10.16. The right ovarian cyst is 49mm×32mm& the left is 28mm×27 mm with posterior acoustic attenuation is seen suggestive of left ovarian teratoma, right one is internal echogenic component and calcification suggestive of right ovarian teratoma, My pregnancy is about 21weeks. Is it get negative impact on my baby? Or for my health? Is it possible to operate these cysts during delivery? Is it possible to get pregnant for 2nd time after operation?